Comedians to Watch in 2013, a comic-to-comic article.


It’s that time of the year again when insecure comedians feel left out of end-of-the-year comedy lists and this season is going to be all the same!

Last year I posted a list of comedian who I thought were progressing on certain levels on comedy, whether it be that they were getting more gigs, landing major exposure in the media, and just plain getting funnier. This year, I’m posting the same kind of list. Only this time, it’s written by some of my favorite Philadelphia comedians on the peers they feel made an impact on the local comedy scene in the past year.

I asked comedians Chris Cotton, Mary Radzinski, Alex Pearlman, Clint Coley, and James Hesky to write up a short kudos to the comedians they were genuinely impressed by this year and why you should keep an eye out for them in 2013.

Last year I received such a good response from the “Comedians to Watch in 2012” article that I was compelled to do it again this year. Only this time, instead of sending me smarmy mentions on twitter for not being included (@PhillyComedy), this time you can send other comedians your tweets if you feel the same way as last year!

With that being said, here’s the list of comedians that I and some of Philly’s Funniest think you should keep an eye out for in 2013:

Lisa Yost

By Chris Cotton

Comedian Lisa Yost

Comedian Lisa Yost

I am not a fan of female comedians, I think most of them stink. So Lisa Yost must be a tranny, she is a funny comedian with endless potential. She has the voice of an Asian Roseanne, and the joke delivery of a #1 Chinese Restaurant. Odds are she gonna marry a talentless white guy, who takes half in the divorce. With her hard work ethic she will make more than enough money to pay alimony. So if you don’t know who Lisa Yost is, pay attention because one day she’ll be a household name. I only wrote this so once my career fizzles out she’ll let me be her opener, or at least carry her luggage.


Just to add to what Chris said, I can also vouch for Lisa as an awesome team player. This year myself , the guys from Center City Comedy and Super DPS wrote and filmed a skit that gave us some public attention from some less-than-credible people. Lisa was one of the actors in the skit and received some unsavory messages on her social media accounts from some down-right creepy people, after all of which she was genuinely a good sport about and ready to shoot another skit. You can  read an article that Lisa wrote for this site this year on what she has learned in her short comedy career. 

Follow Chris Cotton and Lisa Yost on Twitter @Cotton215 & @Lisa_Yost

Robert X

By Alex Pearlman

Comedian Robert Ecks "X"

Comedian Robert Ecks “X”

When you first hear his name you are left with questions, and then after any open mic you are left with even more questions.  Robert X is a comedy verterbre who showed up in the philly comedy scene a few months ago and immediately started waves by not saying much in between brilliantly written jokes.  Now, he’s a well respected and anticipated member of the philly comedy community, regularly killing it at open mics across the Delaware Valley.  Recently he has started his own open mic with fellow comic Chris O’Connor titled:  “No.2 (#2)(Number 2)” at St.Stephen’s Green, 1701 Green St, Philadelphia.

Follow Alex Pearlman on Twitter @AlexPearlman and @R_O_B_E_R_T_X

Oliver Yu

By James Hesky

Comedian Oliver Yu

Comedian Oliver Yu

At the start of 2012, people liked to call Oliver Yu a “five-minute assassin.” He had crafted a great five minute set and could come in and do a guest spot and absolutely destroy. It’s a great way to understand how to write a set and you’re basically ready for any kind of audition or contest that might come up. The only problem is that on most sets on weekend shows are at least ten minutes, so this year Oliver has been learning to do what he did with his five minute sets for 10-15 minutes.

He learns everything he can from every set he does, he asks other comedians how to make a joke better and he makes sure he gets on stage a couple of times a week.On top of that he’s been running some shows and has written with a sketch group.

I remember meeting Oliver at the raven lounge just before one of his first times ever on stage and he was asking for dvice on what to do, and I told him the same thing that was told to me, which was just to show up at every open mic you can to force you to work on your material and stage presence. Oliver has proven that if you listen to what I say, you’ll be able to move your way up faster in the Philly comedy world.

In all seriousness, young comics should watch him to learn how you should spend your first year or two on stage.

James Hesky is this year’s winner of the “Philly’s Phunniest” comedy competition, runs his own monthly show, “The Monthly Hour with James Hesky” and has a podcast with comedian Darryl Charles, called CHEAPODCAST. Follow James Hesky on Twitter @JamesHesky and visite Oliver Yu’s Facebook page.


Paul Easton

by Mary Radzinski

Comedian Paul Eastman

Comedian Paul Easton

Paul Easton. There are few people I can see time and again and still look forward to hearing what they have to say. Week after week he graces us with bits that are ridiculously well developed and smart. His material is dark yet thoughtful, biting lines delivered in the most disarming way imaginable; a true wordsmith. Next time you get a chance to see Paul perform, really listen. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Mary Radzinski is one of Philadelphia’s most prominent comedians and a personal favorite of mine. She runs the open mic at the Urban Saloon bar with fellow comedian Carolyn Busa every Monday. Follow her on twitter @MaryRadzinski. I couldn’t find any videos of Paul’s set by the time I posted this, so be sure to keep an eye out for him! You can friend on facebook here.


Dave Temple

By Clint Coley

Comedian Dave Temple

Comedian Dave Temple

I watch a lot of comedians week end and week out, but every time I do a show and I ask David Temple to join me, I always get excited because his humor draws me in. His sarcastic delivery and random wit, will ALWAYS keep David working. He is amazing with any audience and is most definitely a comedian to watch from Philly in 2013. I co-sign it. I guarantee it.

Clint Coley is one of Philly’s native comedians and has been gaining commercial success on an incredibly fast rate. You can find him opening up for comedian D.L. Hughley all over the country and starring in his own comedy special, to be released on Netflix some time this year. Follow Clint Coley and Dave Temple on Twitter @ClintColey and @ImDaveTemple 


Honorable Mentions

This is a list of people that, in the very least, you should know in the Philadelphia comedy scene. Whether they be comics, bloggers, or camera men, these are the guys who could only improve your Philly Comedy experience:

Alex Gross: This guy hasn’t been on a stage (as far as I know), but his contribution towards comedy in Philadelphia is truly unmatched. Alex Gross cold be credited on this site multiple times for being the directive talent behind our original “SIRIously Fat”, “Mentos”, and “Laff House Buffalo Wings” sketches (located on our ‘original comedy shorts’ page). Not only has Alex Gross shot a ton of sketches for Center City Comedy and most of the comedians who want to have a presentable set video, but he’s also the mastermind of the very popular website that focuses on all kinds of events in the city, not just comedy! Alex also throws a Quizzo night every Wednesday at the Raven Lounge in center city, Philly. The very same place that Center City Comedy throws their very popular Thursday night open mic.

Lump: If there was anyone to network with in our comedy scene, it is Lump (an acronym for “Life’s Ugly Money Problem”). This comedian’s passion for being on stage is only surpassed by his ability for promoting our comedy scene on his very popular Twitter page. Follow him!

Anwar Amin: Very similar to Alex Gross in his contribution to Philadelphia Comedy, Anwar Amin has shot countless sets of both local and famous comedians to come through the tri-state area. Being an an aficionado on local comedy himself, it only made sense that he start his own website on comedy himself, visit THE COMEDY CIRCLE NOW!

That about does for this year’s “Comedians to Watch” article! Thanks so much for continuing to read this site and please continue to support comedy in Philadelphia!

– Andrew Alexander

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